Many of our customers are looking for a second hand tempering machine. At the moment, the demand is particularly for Tamglass/Glaston ProE, ProE Magnum and HTBS type machines, but also other types machines are asked occasionally.

If you are selling your tempering machine in good/production condition, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help both parties in all machine sales, transfer and implementation issues.

Currently available machines:


1. HTF-2442-CT-10-L, year 2000 Sold.

2. HTF Super-2136-10-R, year 2004 N/A

3. HTF-2448-(B)CTS-20-R, modernized 2005 Sold.

4. HTF-2442-CS-10-R, modernized 2016, still in production, available from 37/2017. Do not hesitate ask more details.

We are looking for more tempering machines for sale!